Call for Paper Topics of interests, but not limited to:

Call for Paper

Original papers are solicited in subjects including, but not limited to the following:

Energy and Environment

Ecology and Biodiversity Conservation
Environmental Pollution and Management
Renewable Energy Sources
Energy Policy, Planning and Management
Climate Change and Global Warming
Environmental Hydraulics
Sustainable Development
Remote Sensing and Environment
Environmental Ergonomics
Computational Techniques
Air Pollution from Mobile and Stationary Sources
Climate change
Noise and Acoustics
Electromagnetic Waves and Telecommunication
Hazardous Waste and Waste Treatment
Industrial Waste Treatment
Water Pollution and Treatment
Solid Waste Management
Environmental Management Systems
Air Pollution Control and Equipment
Pollution Prevention in Industry

Renewable Energy

Solar Electricity and PV Applications
Solar Cell Technology, Solar Cell Materials, Testing and Efficiency
Nanotechnology Applications to RE
Solar Thermal Applications
Wind Energy
Hydroelectric, Geothermal, Tides and Waves
Biogas and Biomass
Hybrid Energy Systems
Integrated Energy Systems
Rural Electrification
Regional Issues, Economics and Policy


Education for Sustainability

Energy Issues
Environment Impact Assessment
Advances in Sustainable Buildings
Sustainable Cities
Behavior on Sustainability
Envisioning Tomorrow Sustainability

Advanced Energy Technologies

Nuclear Energy: Fission and Fusion
Nuclear Energy Application: Power Generation, Desalination
Nuclear Materials and Fuels
Energy From the Space, Dark Energy

Fuels and Combustion

Emissions from ICE and Their Control
Alternative Fuels
NG as Fuel for Rural Transportation
Hydrogen and Fuel Cells
Hybrid and Electric Vehicles
Bio-diesel Fuels
Fuel Additives



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